The Mutts in Cherry Park

park over the road, at the pooches, there are eight of them, huge canines, and there behind the recreation center, Cherry Park, in Lima, Peru, is the Catholic Church. He lays his elbows on the edge of the rooftops expanded handrail. He’s somewhat depleted.

You hear a clamor as though one of the stools or nursery seats has been moved. You don’t see anyone however. It’s likely Oscar. In the focal point of the porch is the patio rooftop table with umbrella in it.

Lee: Is that you Oscar?

Oscar: Yes. (Lee is pointing down at the mutts in Cherry Park)

Lee: You see?

Oscar: Goodness indeed, I see what you’re pointing at.

Lee: Those canines consistently make a wicked chaos.

Oscar: It’s nothing to worry about.

Lee: Why you state that?

Oscar: What other place would they be able to go, they’re all mutts and strays.

Lee: Far away-into the Pacific Sea, though I couldn’t care less.

Oscar: I’m worn out on hearing it! (Delay.) How about we go.

Lee: We can’t.

Oscar: Why not?

Lee: I’m sitting tight for my better half.

Oscar: Ah! (Respite thinking.) Pause, watch, hold up watch!

Lee: Truly, that is our main event!

Oscar: How about we discover another thing to do.

Lee: Is that everything you can say?

Oscar: There are eight major mutts down there, lethargic to a great extent.

Lee: Not one little feline. (pause.)They come during the evening.

Oscar: So they do; I surmise I never have seen one myself.

Lee: You mean, never at any point?

Oscar: That is the thing that I said.

Lee mishandles in his sweater pocket, hauls out his mobile phone, checks the time-11:28 a.m. Shows it to Oscar-in that he broadens his left hand outwards (there truly is nobody there),and stops as though Oscar is looking at it. In any case, Oscar is a voice, not physical.

Lee: It doesn’t have a smell, so quit sniffing at it!

Oscar: It has a silver and dark smell.

Lee: That is senseless, it’s only a plain wireless.

Oscar: I like the shading blue!

Lee: At that point don’t take a gander at it.

Lee rapidly puts the mobile phone once again into his sweater pocket.

Oscar: Go get the latté your better half made for you, it’s in the canteen in the kitchen.

Lee doesn’t move, he stands stone-as yet looking down over the edge of the railing into the recreation center territory, sees one of the pooches crossing the road, two are just meandering about in the recreation center, two setting down, one biting on a bone nourishment.

Lee: No vitality to return down and back up that snail like stairway, I wish you could go however that is strange. That is to say, I’m sixty-five years of age not thirty-five any more. (Quiet.)

Oscar: Exercise, I heard your better half says you required exercise.

Lee: You didn’t hear anything!

Oscar: Goodness indeed, I did!

Lee: I’ve had a go at everything, the more exercise I do, the more I eat. The more I eat, the more I rest, and the more I rest, the less I hear you talk-that maybe is the in addition to.

Oscar: You don’t state; feed, there are two canines dozing by your front advances…

Lee: obviously I see them, why, is that a fortunate or unfortunate thing?

Oscar: It just breathes easy (he hesitates.)It’s our new occupation.

Lee: It loosens up me, seeing pooches, similar to it loosens up different people taking a gander at winged creatures, my better half takes a gander at feathered creatures, it loosens up her, and a few people take a gander at fish in aquariums, and that loosens up them. Seeing canines loosens up me in Cherry Park, is that alright with you?

Oscar: It’s An OK, with me sibling, however it’s truly called, entertainment.

Lee: No, unwinding.

Oscar: So you state.

Lee: We do appear to deviate, self evident certainty, more so than me and my significant other.

Oscar: Alright, OK, how about we return to taking a gander at pooches in Cherry Park.

Lee: We generally discover something to do?

Oscar: Would you say you are attempting to make me feel better or give me the impression I truly exist?

Lee: (tensely.) You could state that.

Lee removes his cap, it is warm, the breeze that was there, seems to have evaporated. Lee strolls from one piece of the rooftop/or stage, back to where he was standing, and reclines over the railing.

Oscar: Well?

Lee: Unreasonably warm for a cap.

Oscar: Clever, the stray canines don’t hurt anybody…

Lee: Is that an inquiry or an announcement?

Oscar: Explanatory truth.

Lee: Not yet, however half a month back one canine snarled at a young lady, and after that a while later, somebody harmed two of the mutts in the recreation center.

Oscar: At that point you ought to dispose of the canines.

Lee: They’re too huge. Albeit a neighbor took two of them and drove somewhere in Lima, somewhere around the Sea I think, and dropped them off, I think they returned.

Oscar: Harm them!

Lee: I thought of that, however I can’t.

Oscar: At that point you’ll simply need to keep them around and grumble.

Lee: That is sufficient about toxin.

Oscar: OK, however

Lee: (brutally.) Enough! (quietness.) I ought to plunk down with a back to a seat; my back is beginning to hurt.

Lee searches about for a stool, and destroys one over to the edge of the rooftop, that was set around the patio table with the umbrella, no back to it.

Oscar: Same stool you sat on yesterday.

Lee: No, yesterday I sat in the parlor seat and read.

Oscar: Yesterday you tumbled to rest in the parlor seat after you left the stool-

Lee: Whatever I did, I overlooked what I did, I presume…

Lee’s lower arms are laying on the rail, his head and in a curve, looking dejected, past the recreation center, at the congregation grounds, which the recreation center apparently mixes into.

Lee: Pause, isn’t that More distant Marcelo, by his white vehicle?

Oscar: things being what they are, anyway, so who and what?

Lee: (looking to the side of him annoyingly) No, it is anything but a so who what, if my better half heard you state that she’d cut your throat, he’s a cleric.

Oscar: (bad tempered.) You mean, she’d cut your throat!

Lee: (honorable and delicately.) I’m the one that would feel it; perhaps it’s Dad Washington?

Oscar: In this way, so ww-what… !

Lee: Well is it or would it say it isn’t, which one is it?

Oscar: You’re asking an inappropriate person.

Lee shakes his head, gets up off the stool, strolls the length of the stage/or rooftop top.

Oscar: Ah!…

Lee: Ah, what? Which one is it?

Oscar: Ah, he’s gone, it’s everywhere throughout the speculating game.

Lee: I truly observed him right?

Oscar: On the off chance that you did, I did and I can’t state for the life of me in the event that I did, I’d not put my life on it, in spite of the fact that I’d put eight-hounds life on it, it was him, or the other him.

Lee: I think it was Manuel?

Oscar: Presently who is he? I mean how’d he get into this? We should go for a stroll, chill you off.

Lee won’t move, and begins to go about as though he is being pulled the contrary way, and he’s battling it, as though an undetectable power is attempting to drag him away from the railing.

Lee: Quit pulling at me, I’m getting worn out.

Oscar: You’d preferably be stuck here doing nothing throughout the day, simply sitting tight for your significant other alone?

Lee: Maybe.

Oscar: That is fine with me.

Lee: Me too!

Oscar: At that point I’ll go.

Lee: You can’t.

Oscar: Why not?

Lee: We’re sitting tight for Rosa.

Oscar: is that along these lines, you mean you are sitting tight for Rosa.

Lee: You are a virus…

Oscar: State it?

Lee: No, I better not, the last time I swore at somebody I nearly got into a battle.

Oscar: With whom?

Lee: a kindred that lives in the neighborhood, called Tall Fernando.

Oscar: Presently this sounds more intriguing than taking a gander at those mutts.

Lee: We go to the rooftop too soon I figure, Rosa may not be back until a couple.

Oscar: So imagine a scenario in which she returns at two or whatever time.

Lee: No, no, she must nourish me.

Oscar: You sound like the feathered creatures: feed me, feed me, feed me, I heard Peruvian fowls eat like elephants.

Lee: Indeed, I made that up, and put it in a sonnet; you’re similar to my significant other, continually citing me, I wish I could recollect what she recalls, after I compose it, I overlook it, until she says it, at that point I recall…

Oscar: Goodness, I guess lunch for you is entirely soon?

Lee: She’ll come soon, it is past two p.m.

Oscar: At that point simply hold up until supper time.

Lee: At that point you can go (a pause.)What would it be a good idea for us to do?

Oscar: Quit whining, I’ve had enough we do what we generally do, take a gander at the recreation center, the pooches in the recreation center, the congregation before the recreation center, the clerics before the congregation, well, today the ministers, the ones you think you see, however point is, you never do anything new with me, I’ve had a tummy loaded with mutts, canines and more pooches.

Lee: At that point go, go, go…

Lee is putting his white cap back onto his head.

Oscar: Bye-bye… !

Lee: Bye-bye… !

Oscar: I mean, truly Bye-bye this time!

Lee: Fine, we’ve been here for a considerable length of time, I mean since a brief time after eleven, and now it is a quarter past two, fine go!

Oscar: It’s for good this time. I’m rarely returning.

Lee: That is the thing that you generally state, yet then you return asking to be heard-

Lee’s taking a gander at the recreation center as though pondering, his cap is his responsibility now, a breeze grabs.

Lee: Rosa!

Oscar: What?

Lee: I think I see Rosa.

Oscar: Like you think you saw father someone or other?

Lee: He has a name, Marcelo and Washington

Oscar: What?

Lee attempts to modify his eyes, he sees somebody strolling over the recreation center, it is a little woman, his better half is little. Lee removes his cap, waves it at the lady.

Oscar: Is it her or not?

Lee: How might I know, she’s excessively far away, yet I suspect as much.

Oscar: Well, does she look like Rosa.

Lee moves his head to and fro as though attempting to modify his neck, similar to a mannequin.

Lee: How senseless, I can’t tell on the off chance that she is Rosa or not.

Oscar: That is not all that surprising!

Lee: I needn’t bother with any cleverness from you.

Lee’s a tinge incensed.

Lee: It is her (a delay.)

Oscar: I’m going. (quietness.)

Lee: Will you stop it.

Oscar: Stop what?

Lee: Your little game, I’m going to meet her, she has my lunch.

Oscar: Never knew about it.

Lee: It’s truly called ‘Attitude’… your game is an awful frame of mind!

Oscar: I’m going as well.

Lee: Go on at that point. (quietness.)

Oscar: I can’t

Lee: I know, so it’s sufficient of that.

Oscar: I’m going, gone!

Lee rushes towards the twisting stairway to go down and meet his significant other.

Oscar: I’m still here.

Lee: I thought you were no more.

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